A good Korean child with 46,XX testicular sickness regarding sex invention caused by SOX9 replication

A good Korean child with 46,XX testicular sickness regarding sex invention caused by SOX9 replication

Sei Obtained Yang

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This new 46,XX testicular sickness of sex invention (DSD), also known as 46,XX male syndrome, is an uncommon types of DSD and you may systematic phenotype shows complete sex reverse out of women to male. The newest sex-choosing part Y (SRY) gene shall be identified in most 46,XX testicular DSD patients; but not, whenever 20% of patients having 46,XX testicular DSD is actually SRY-bad. The SRY-field 9 (SOX9) gene has numerous extremely important attributes during testis innovation and you may distinction in the males, and you may overexpression out-of SOX9 results in a man growth of 46,XX gonads from the lack of SRY. At the same time, SOX9 duplication has been seen becoming a rare factor in 46,XX testicular DSD for the human beings. Here, i report a 4.2-year-dated SRY-bad 46,XX kid with done sex reverse due to SOX9 replication to have the first time inside the Korea. The guy exhibited regular internal and external male genitalia except for brief testes. Fluorescence when you look at the situ hybridization and polymerase strings reaction (PCR) analyses don’t place the existence of SRY, and you can SOX9 intragenic mutation was not recognized by direct sequencing studies. For this reason, we did real-go out PCR analyses which have specific primer sets, and you will replication of your SOX9 gene is found. Even though SRY-bad 46,XX testicular DSD try an unusual position, an attempt and then make an accurate diagnosis is very important with the supply away from correct genetic counseling and KrЕЎД‡anske Еѕene samce for at the rear of patients within their long-label management.


The latest 46,XX testicular disease out-of sex creativity (DSD), called 46,XX men disorder, is an uncommon status that have an estimated incidence of a single during the 20,000 males1). It may be categorized with the several subgroups, SRY-positive or SRY-negative, with respect to the visibility otherwise lack of new sex-deciding area Y (SRY) gene. As much as 80% away from people having 46,XX testicular DSD provides SRY on one of two X chromosomes, which is a result of irregular chromosomal translocation throughout the gametogenesis. Yet not, the rest 20% of men and women that have 46,XX testicular DSD are SRY-negative, as well as the cause for this problem is actually unknown1). Very those with 46,XX testicular DSD having SRY has actually typical genitalia consequently they are maybe not diagnosed up until puberty cannot proceed normally. However, SRY-negative men and women are very likely to has actually unknown genitalia than just SRY-positive someone. Ergo, 46,XX SRY-bad individuals demonstrating complete male genitalia are quite rare2).

The development of testes of bipotential gonadal primordia is actually controlled by complex molecular networking sites out-of phrases out of numerous genetics. Among the genes, SRY to your Y chromosome is an everyday male-specific gene, and therefore initiates testis invention and privately upregulates the SRY-relevant HMG package-who has gene 9 (SOX9) gene expression. SOX9 is a transcription factor that have a great DNA-binding site nearly the same as SRY, and you will takes on a vital role regarding the cascade regarding gene relationships to own differentiation and development of the new testis3). For the 1999, SOX9 overexpression inside the a 46,XX gonad was recognized as ultimately causing a keen induction of men genitalia throughout the absence of SRY4). Though there have been a few account up to now out of 46,XX SRY-bad customers that have replication out-of SOX94,5,6,7), SOX9 replication isn’t a common reason behind 46,XX testicular DSD8). During the Korea, below 10 SRY-positive 46,XX patients had been stated, there are no account of 46,XX testicular DSD due to SOX9 duplication9).

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